Serrapeptase Destroys Inflammation

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Serrapeptase InformationThe Serrapeptase enzyme is instrumental in destroying fibrin and inflammation in the human body. This protein enzyme digests and breaks down all non living tissue without any damage to living tissue. It originates from the gut of a silkworm., and literally breaks down the fibrin and creates a hole when it is time for the butterfly to escape. In the human body, this enzyme destroys dead tissue in the arteries thus improving the blood flow in the circulatory system, As fibrin builds up in the body, it creates unhealthy conditions. Serrapeptase destroys fibrin build up in the arteries and can prevent a heart attack.

Dr. Hans Nieper, a late German physician, treated his patients successfully with Serrapeptase to improve arterial blockage. He also found Serrapeptase to be helpful in preventing strokes by its unique properties of removing arterial plaque. His research also confirmed that Serrapeptase was responsible for varicose veins diminishing.

In the United States, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) are the standard medication. Although they offer temporary relief from inflammation, swelling, and pain, they do not treat the condition and can cause dangerous side effects. However, in the past twenty five years, there has been no documented side effects from the use of Serrapeptase. This amazing enzyme is in clinical use throughout Europe and Asia as an effective alternative to to NSAIDs. For more information, visit Serrapeptase Facebook.